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Back Pain

Back pain affects nearly all of us at some point in our lives and is rarely serious. It is so common you could think of it as part of living.

Most make a full recovery and you can do a great deal to help your self. Things to do if you have back pain:

1. Take simple painkillers to help manage the back pain.

Follow the instructions and give them time to work. Some may take a few days.

2. Put on an ice pack or heat pad to help reduce the back pain.

3. Stay active. Keep moving.

You may need help with heavier tasks around the house, work or garden but try to do what you can.

4. Keep working if possible.

You may need to make a few changes such as your chair or work station to reduce the strain. Take breaks and watch how you lift and carry.

5. Seek out advice from a Physio.

A Physio can make sure you are doing the appropriate exercises and provide the appropriate treatment.

You may benefit from massage, manipulation, and acupuncture electrotherapy such as TNS. You will be shown by the Physio how to self-manage your symptoms.

6. Keep participating in your sport as much as you can

7. Check your mattress and / or pillow aren't contributing to your pain.

8. Use a Hot or Cold pack.

This will reduce pain and inflammation

Take Care of Your Back

Remember back pain is rarely serious and usually settles.

If however it does not recover quickly or you are unwell you should see your G.P.

There are a few symptoms which are very rare but if they occur you must see your G.P. quickly.

1. Problems passing or controlling urine

2. Numbness or pins and needles in the saddle area between your legs

Numbness, pins and needles or weakness in both legs

How to stop your back pain becoming a big part of your life

Keep active

Keep moving

Remember that hurt does not mean harm. (It may be sore to keep moving but you are not doing any further damage)

If you need a little extra help come and see the Physios at The Physio Centre at The Concorde Club.

How Do I Book Treatment for Back Pain?

Please call the Physio Centre on 020 8990 9041 or send us an email to

All our Physios speak English but we can also cater for Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Urdu and Gujrati speaking patients.

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