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Physiotherapists available at the Physiotherapy Centre in Hounslow.

The Physiotherapy Centre at Cranford has the following Physiotherapists available:

Name HPC CSP Year Qualified
Sally Aujla PH 30683 041776 1983
Juliet Watson PH 87845 081184 2007
Soujanya Pogula PH 95534 087780 2006
Amanpreet Virdi PH 94966 086729 2010
Saroj Bala PH 99009 091059 2006
Jeena Gurang      
Charru Uppal      
Claudia Ferrao      
Kirsty Monk      
Vaidehi Phenani

About Our Physios

Several Languages spoken by physiotherapists covering most of the local demographic.

Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Nepalese, Spanish, Portugese and English

This allows the patients to articulate their symptoms in a much more comprehensive manner.

The mix of male and female physiotherapists ensures that all gender requests are catered for.

This is especially important as a large proportion of the patients are Indian or Muslim ladies.


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The Physio Centre has been providing Hounslow Physiotherapy services for over 20 years.